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The world's longest Motorhome / Rv? - Blog 9

By keef & annie, Mar 1 2012 09:32AM

The Snakeliner Presidents Suite could well be that.

It has 969 sq ft (90m²) of living space, plus "The President-Suite", which we’re assuming should be the Presidential Suite but is a victim of poor translation, it is german, measures 18m (59 ft) long and 2.5m (8.2 ft) wide - not including the driver’s cabin. But if that wasn’t big enough, both sides can be extended outward a further 1.125m (3.7ft) to make it 5m (16.4 ft) wide when fully set up.

Enormous but could you drive it? even with your long distance lorry drivers license our guess is maybe!

If you want to see it in more detail read the full article, it was on display at the Dusseldorf show recently.

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Snakeliner President Suite
Snakeliner President Suite
Jul 4 2016 01:44AM by Norm Curtis

So, Norm...should you find one of these with low mileage and is "cheap as chips" (Australian slang), do let us know! A driver for hire might also be useful :)

Jul 8 2016 05:09PM by keef

hi norm... chance would be a fine thing ;) happy motorhoming, rgds keef

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