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Relaunch of motorhome-travels Blog

By keef & annie, Aug 12 2013 06:56PM

The website has now been redesigned to run on tablets, smart phones and old trad browsers with hopefully easier to view slideshows of photos from each of our motorhome trips away both at home and abroad.

Please please let us know what you think, we are happy with the new design but only you letting us know what you really think will see if we have achieved what we set out to do.

For the geeks amongst you we have kept the old backend blog engine and wrapped a new HTML5 front end around it

Leave us your views via the comments box below and we will get back to you, suggest articles or opinions on subjects you would like to see here, anything motorhome, rv and campervan related of course!

Thanks for your input and enjoy the all new motorhome-travels blog

The new blog is HERE!

relaunch 12/8/13
relaunch 12/8/13
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