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Love You Visitors - Counts of website traffic to motorhome-travels

By keef & annie, Oct 24 2012 10:20AM

So PROUD. This is our 50th BLOG!

As at 08/11/17 we have over 20000 visits

Also take a look at Blog 40

As at 11/8/13: We have now had 2297 different visitors to our site since we started from 59 different countries.

Which just goes to show that the world is fascinated by Motorhomes, RVs & Campervans.

Recently our soon to be daughter-in-laws parents visited from China and were fascinated by our van. In China there is hardly any concept of camping let alone people living in a motorised vehicle.

We are amazed by some of the countries that have shown interest . Places you just wouldn't think they would be interested such as KENYA, LEBANON, CHILE to name but a few.

Still we know exactly why they are interested don't we, have your say via the comments, you just need to be logged in which is easy.

Motorhomes the world over *smile*
Motorhomes the world over *smile*
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