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Early motorhomes

By keef & annie, Apr 7 2012 08:13AM

Here are some examples of early motorhomes we like. Its interesting how man & womans' desire to get away from having to be under canvas has developed.

Love the progression from bikes to old van conversions, plus the upgrades to some of the more expensive variety of vehicle.

Do you have any old examples you would like to share. Then post your comments and links below, let us all have a look. Maybe here at Motorhome-travels we will choose the best / most amusing and give it an award.

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just love this airstream
just love this airstream
and this merc!
and this merc!
Jul 18 2018 10:07AM by Bella Philips

I am thrilled that I found this article! VW Campervan Habitation You have really made your points clear and your material is easy to read because you have formatted it so well. Thank you for your excellent work!

Jul 18 2018 04:56PM by keef hellinger

you are most welcome

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